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Many luxury yacht brands in the world debuted in Tianjin

2018-01-22 19:50:33 admin

People's Net Beijing, September 8 (Tianhu) On September 8, the "2017 China Yacht Industry Annual Conference & Tianjin International Yacht & Famous Product Exhibition" hosted by the China Shipping Association Cruise Yacht Branch and Tianjin Cruise Yacht Association was held in Tianjin Binhai New District Central Business District opened.

The theme of this year's conference is "Popularization of Yachts and Leisure Economy Development" as the theme, with a total of three sessions of the Industry Development Policy Dialogue, the International Symposium on Urban Waterfront Planning and Marina Construction, and the Yacht-two Economic Exchanges. Invited to the National Yacht Development Expert Steering Committee, the Chinese and foreign yacht industry associations, waterfront cities and related management departments, yacht manufacturers, yacht clubs, yacht equipment enterprises and other entrepreneurs, experts and scholars gather to analyze the status of our yacht industry and policy environment , Predict the development pattern of China's yacht industry in the future and put forward relevant countermeasures to promote the progress of leisure industry in waterfront city.

At the same time, "China's Yacht Industry Report 2016-2017", which is honored as the white paper of China's yacht industry, will also be released at this year's conference. This is the fifth CCYIA release of the CAC Cruise Branch. CCYIA organized this year's information survey of the yacht port in the country and formed a detailed, accurate and up-to-date data report, with 110 yachts operated nationwide. CCYIA obtained the latest data on the import and export of yachts from the General Administration of Customs and carried out nationwide Yacht import and export enterprises reached 1195, and for the first time on the yacht import and export volume of the top ten provinces and cities rankings; report contains the past two years, China's 20 yacht city status quo, and once again released competitiveness rankings; report also On the yacht water recreation in the next few years, the development of ideas and suggestions put forward.

It is also understood that over the same period held in Tianjin International Yacht & Crew Fair 2017 for a period of 4 days, divided into land exhibition and water sports. The land exhibition is held in the square near Jiabao High Speed Rail Station and covers several major sections such as yachts, luxury cars and luxury cars. Mercury, Bonaventure, Azimut, Bavaria and other imported yacht brands, Aurora, Jie Peng and other well-known domestic brands, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz and other famous luxury cars and GMC RV brands, as well as many famous big debut in Tianjin. Zheng Weiming, director of Tianjin Binhai New Area Central Business District Administration Committee, said in recent years, Binhai New Area Central Business District attaches great importance to the development of the yacht industry and has completed the construction of 44 berth marina. In the future, the Central Business District will continue to rely on its advantages in policy, give full play to the characteristics of the Haihe River, vigorously promote the development of the yacht industry, increase the supporting construction of the yacht industry, promote the introduction of various policies supporting the yacht and support the growth of the yacht club.