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Visun Ruiying work together "King's feast" held in Dalian Station

2018-01-22 19:57:20 admin

RY-125 Feet luxury yacht sail

Haitian feast series of activities, "the feast of the King," Dalian station on September 8 at the Dalian East Port marina. During the event, a ceremony was held to kick-start the RY-125 Feet, a luxury yacht produced by Zhongying Shipyard. Mr. Wang Dafu, Chairman of Visun Group, and Mr. Duan Hongtao, Chairman of China Ying Holdings Corporation attended the event as officiating guests. The event, which lasted for three days, visited a number of featured projects in Dalian, including the Ruiyain Yacht Shipyard. Over 50 presidents of listed companies and chairman of large groups participated in the event.

The "King's Feast" event was jointly organized by Visun Group, Ruiyain Yacht Club, Hudson Group, Macau Southern Property and Haitian Feast. Haven is the most prestigious elite social event in China. Its sub-brand "The King's Gala" is a national roving event, which means that top Chinese businesspeople and their foreign business partners can provide the most direct exchange opportunities. Founded by the Visun Group and celebrated for 7 consecutive days, Haven Xanadu is the world's premier high-end lifestyle exhibition and the only and largest lifestyle show in Asia.

As a host, Ruiyain Yacht Club is a diversified industrial group involving yachts, terminals, business jets and club management. In recent years, Dalian, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Sanya, Hong Kong, Cyprus and other cities at home and abroad layout, increase the entire yacht industry chain resources integration, has won a number of yacht marina in the country, and the national agency "Swiss surplus Yacht "and" Kam Lung Super Yacht, "product line covers luxury yachts, sailing, fishing boats and so on. The delivery of the RY-125 Feet luxury yacht, as the flagship product of the "Swiss surplus yacht" series, is a blend of modern office, business reception and family leisure as one of the sea villa. RY-125 Feet luxury yacht in terms of size and size, battery life, design appearance, interior decoration, control of details, etc., have other similar brands unparalleled advantages, and will serve as a template to become China-made yachts in the A superb experience in the world of super-luxury yachts.

RY-125 Feet luxury yacht, not due to bulky and constrained speed, smooth lines of movement RY-125 Feet can be free to switch between business and sports, but also enhance the safety and stability. The combination of a semi-open kitchen with a bar makes the space more spacious and bright with a modern feel. The bright and spacious deck provides unlimited space for the owner, unlike many of the same yachts dedicated to space-specific cuts, the RY-125 Feet offers more space-saving flexibility, making it easier for yachts Passengers have a more extended activity space. Master suite with king-size bed, leather couch and thoughtful shower facilities make the space filled with comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Other rooms are also compact, well-equipped and thought-out soft furnishings that give yachts more space to relax. Interior decoration, delicate exquisite, noble heart. At the same time equipped with sauna, gym, KTV room, theater, outdoor Jacuzzi and other professional facilities, focused on creating an ideal "sea home."

The "King's Feast" activities, water inspired, polo ballet and other art performances, the perfect interpretation of "life, dream event," all the VIPs have realized the high-end Lifestyle brought Haven Gala and The ultimate dream of relentless pursuit.