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Hainan Sanya usher in the 11th cinema: Jinyi Studios stationed in Visun Times Square

2018-01-22 19:52:15 admin

  On May 20, the well-known Chinese movie theater distribution company Jin Yi Film and Television Co., Ltd. officially entered the time square of Hongzhou Times Square. This is the first Direct Chain Studios in Sanya and the 11th movie screen of Sanya city.金逸影视

  Located on the 2nd floor, Area B, Champs Elysées, West Side, Times Square, Visun, with a gross floor area of nearly 1,550 square meters, boasts five luxurious cinemas (including the Dolby Panorama Cinema and VIP cinema) , A total of more than 300 personalized seats, ad hoc VIPT special electric seats. Studios use all-digital projection equipment, with Belgium Barco digital projectors, Dolby stereo and decoder, "three-way" efficient 3D equipment.