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Visun Group is willing to build a world-class yacht specialty town in the Shenzhen-Shantou cooperation zone

2018-01-22 19:43:07 admin

On the afternoon of July 17, Wang Dunfu, chairman and president of Visun Group led his unit again to visit the special cooperative zone of Shenzhen-Shantou and expressed his strong will to build a world-class yacht town as soon as possible in the cooperation zone. Following the previous cooperation with the signing of the Shantou International Motor yacht harbor project investment framework agreement, the Hongzhou Group also demonstrated the trip repeated "polished" optimized concept of the project design.

Shanwei Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, Shenzhen counterparts Shanwei headquarters commander in chief, director of the Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone, Yao East met with Wang Dafu and his party to carry out the Shantanyomin International Yacht Harbor project was carried out In-depth exchange.


The cooperation with the Visun Group began in August last year, when the main leaders of the cooperation zone went to visit Hainan to make a special trip to the Hongzhou International Yacht Club Marina in Sanya to learn about its construction and operation on site and to Visun Group invited to welcome its cooperation and cooperation in the area of yacht industry and other fields to work together for development. Two months later, Visun Group signed the investment framework agreement with Shenzhen Cooperation Zone for the construction of the Shenzhen YMCA International Yacht Harbor Project. In February this year, the first version of the concept design plan was launched. Subsequently, Wang Dafu personally rate the work team, organizational strength to adjust and improve the previous program.

Visun Group, with its full investment sincerity, came up with a series of iterative "polished" project concept designs. Xiao Bian learned that the adjusted design draws on the one hand, Venice, the Gold Coast of Australia and the Chicago wharf and other world-class floating city, the harbor development model, on the other hand also very much based on the practical cooperation of the mountain resources. Program proposed and strive to build the Shanty desert international yacht harbor project into a set of yacht vitality Bay, Shanhai recreational holiday as one of Asia's largest and most comprehensive package of the most complete international yacht harbor.