Eadry Hotel Management Group



Visun Royal Yacht Hotel is a unique five-star yacht-themed hotel in South China Sea. It possesses the four elements required for maritime sports: the comfortable harbor of sailing people, the refueling station for physical exertion, the homeland to relax the spirit, the base camp for sea cruising. Hotel design at the same time take into account the needs of tourism, leisure and functional needs.

Hotel Yishanbangshui like embedded in Sanya Luhuitou the foothills of the pearl. The hotel stands in the Sanya two rivers into the sea into the natural good shore bank. Castle Peak from the hotel surrounded by crowded green clusters of coconut palms, the quayside quayside dock. Looks very far, blue sky and white clouds are boundless, Haitian 100 ferry compete. Hotel land area of 22811.33 square meters with a total construction area of 35607.71 square meters of which underground construction area of 13771.7 square meters above ground construction area of 21836.01 square meters. The hotel builds a total of 7 floors, including the basement and the ground floor. The hotel parking lot accommodates 267 cars, 6 car parking spaces and 261 parking spaces underground. Has a total of 88 sets of rooms, of which 86 standard rooms, suites 2 sets, room net area of 64.33-72.99 square meters, guest rooms net area of 14.31-17.08 square meters.