Eadry Hotel Management Group



Hainan's only five-star Chinese Royal Garden Hotel, covers an area of 120,000 square meters. The hotel is only 5 minutes away from Haikou International Meilan Airport and 5 minutes drive from Hainan East Light Rail Station, which is located along the Nandu River. The hotel has 335 (sets) room, the room area is very spacious, the smallest area of 55 square meters. The hotel now has Haikou largest, 860 square meters of column-free luxury ballroom and 10 different size conference and banquet hall, to meet the needs of various meetings, banquets.

The hotel restaurant is elegant and refined with unlimited delicious food. It offers traditional Cantonese cuisine and local delicacies. All the chefs are from Guangzhou and have accumulated many years of experience in making Cantonese dishes, because of their professionalism, so classic. The hotel will present you traditional, classic Cantonese cuisine and mouth-watering local cuisine. Royal Wine Cellar unique private wine cellar, storage of fine wine, top cigars, is the successful personal leisure, business talks the best place.

The hotel has a well-equipped wellness center, water sports facilities, spa and swimming pool and other facilities and services, so you open the door to see the water, go out to swim. Elegant, comfortable natural spa, private therapy room to choose from, to enjoy the secluded secluded paradise, relax.

The hotel is far from the royal style, carved beams; Chinese landscape garden water, antique ancient; arched ribbon around the artificial lake, flowing moat, constitutes the Haikou of Bauhinia city, so you really appreciate the tropical island of royalty lifestyle.