Eadry Hotel Management Group



- Brand positioning: A better boutique or resort brand in the regional market. Mainly in the historical and cultural monuments, World Heritage and other scenic tourist resort;

- Price positioning: According to the market supply and demand flexibility to adjust;

- style positioning: the natural fusion of local culture, environmental characteristics, to highlight the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and feelings of vacation, or simple and bright decoration style, rely on the quality and efficient service to provide guests with a good stay and Feeling of diet

- Cost positioning: in line with the wishes of the owners of the value of value, to create a green tourism boutique theme hotel;

- Source positioning: middle and high income leisure and vacation groups, conference groups, high-end travel packages.

Join conditions

1. Hotel business area: boutique theme is not less than 10,000 square meters, the number of rooms is not less than 100, the hotel is not less than 10,000 square meters, the number of rooms not less than 150;

2. At least one or two restaurants;

3. Located in the world's cultural heritage or holiday tourism area or China's 3A-level and above tourist attractions;

4. In the hotel as the center radius of 20 km within the framework to ensure that there is no similar hotel with the brand