- Brand positioning: luxury customization in the regional market, convention travel, parking of yachts or hotel brands with unique architectural landmarks. Mainly in the city complex sea view, mountain view and other scenic resorts;

- Price positioning: the market's most high-end luxury custom hotel;

- style positioning: the natural fusion of local culture, environmental characteristics, in order to highlight the famous exhibition and high-end business atmosphere and feelings;

- Cost positioning: in line with the wishes of the owner of the value of the value, to create a tourist hotel with international trade;

- Source orientation: high-income high-level business holiday crowd, with conference pavilions, high-end tour-based.

Join conditions

1. Hotel business area of not less than 30,000 square meters;

2. The number of rooms not less than 400;

3. At least three restaurants, six multi-functional (not less than 3000 square meters) International Convention Center;

4. Located in the world cultural heritage or holiday tourist area, China's 4A-level and above tourist attractions or urban CBD landmark with the city's central area; choice Yishanbangshui architectural landmark area

5. In the radius of the hotel as the center within a radius of 100 km to ensure that there is no similar hotel with the brand

Eadry Hotel Management Group